Mike takes great pride in his role as a bassist contributing to other peoples musical vision. He has played on 30 album releases in styles ranging from Jazz/Funk to Rock and Country. (See Discography). Although most of these recordings have been done in traditional recording studios it has now become common to work remotely from home. Mike has a fine collection of bass guitars and effects to assist in achieving the best result for your music. Please feel free to contact Mike to discuss your needs and ideas. Below are some bass sounds that may be suitable for your next project.

Status Empathy Fretless Bass
Status Octave Pedal with Fingers
Status Synth Pedal with Fingers
Status with Fingers
Musicman Stingray Bass
Musicman Palm Mute with Pick
Musicman Slap
Beatle Bass Copy
Beatle Bass with Fingers 1
Beatle Bass with Fingers 2
Fender Precision Bass
P Bass with Fingers
P Bass Tone Rolled Off with Pick
P Bass Octave and Auto Wah with Fingers
Squire 5 String Jazz Bass
Squire 5 Active Slap
Squire 5 Passive Back Pickup with Fingers
Cort Fretless Bass
Cort Piezo Pickup with Fingers
Squire Fretless Jazz Bass with Graphite Neck
Squire Jazz Bass with Fingers