Mike can assist with all aspects of music creation from composition and arranging through to recording and production. He has worked with many artists, both established and emerging, to fully develop their material to a professional level. All styles can be catered for from rock ‘n’ roll to jazz and funk. Mike’s studio allows for complete flexibility in regard to musical styles, recording techniques and budgets. Feel free to contact Mike for advise and suggestions on how to best achieve your musical vision in the most practical, time efficient and enjoyable way possible.

Below are examples of albums and tracks recorded and/or produced at Mike’s studio.

Kaz Mitchell, whose song ‘Careless Hands’ won the Great American Song Contest 2003. This is one of the many beautiful compositions from her 2004 album release “The Dinner Party” produced by Mike.

Excerpt from “Careless Hands”

Suzanne Petersen has recorded 3 album with Mike. Her latest, “Our Street” is an emotionally revealing album that has achieved a number 9 in the The Australian Blues & Roots Airplay Charts 2020. Recorded “live in the studio” and produced by Mike

Excerpt from “Goodbye to Nashville” from album Our Street

Cam Gilles-Webb’s music is a unique blend of jazz and pop, blending the production values of the later (lush reverb and silky sounds) and the sophistication of the former, with excellent results. Please click here to sample one of Mike’s bass tracks recorded remotely for Cam.

Excerpt from “Blue Skies”

Mike takes great pride in assisting young and yet to be established artists develop and refine their musical ideas. Following are two excerpts from compositions by some of Mike’s younger students whose dedication to their musical work is completely clarified by the quality of the music they have created.

Excerpt from “I Just Gotta Break Away” composed and performed by Paige Tadich, (13). Evie Gofman (13) provides backing vocals, guitar and ukulele.
Excerpt from “Why Don’t You Just Smile” composed and performed by Evie Gofman (13). Evie sung all vocal parts and played guitar with Sienna Machin (15) on second guitar.
This is an an excerpt from ‘Can’t Love You” composed and performed by Grace McKenry (14)
This is a recording of a traditional Welsh hymn, Calon Lan, performed by Jazmin Lander (6)

Recording projects can be very diverse. This recording entailed arranging a rhythm section track for a piece in the Motown style. Imitating the playing of James Jamerson, the virtuoso bassist on most of the Motown recordings was an “enjoyable challenge” according to Mike, who played both bass and guitar parts and arranged the drums.

Excerpt from Motown arrangement project