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Mosaic track excerpts:

Excerpt from “E Minor Or E Mi Nodda”
Excerpt from “Fairground”
Excerpt from “Funk Junk”


The Mosaic album project has been re-released to take full advantage of current streaming and download services.

This album features some of Australia’s finest musicians. The title reflects the nature of the music in that it consists of a patchwork of intricate detail worthy of repeated listening. The album is varied in style and includes Latin, funk, jazz, soul and even classical elements , although many of the pieces defy conventional categorisation. There are some wonderful improvised solos by Joe Chindamo, Gary Norman and Mike, as well as fresh original and innovative arrangements throughout.

Hi-Fi aficionados can still purchase the Mosaic album in CD form, along with detailed cover notes and beautiful cover art by the Pickled Pixies. The CD version of Mosaic is donation-ware and maybe purchased for any donation of $10 or more.

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Mosaic, the new release from Mike Mathews, has a nice blend of smooth jazz, swinging blues, funk, and bop. From the first tune starting out with a fairground/circus theme, appropriately entitled Fairground and transitioning to smooth jazz, then into the second tune Transition which has some great melodic fretless lines, this release covers the broad range of the jazz genre. Funkiness abound with funk junk and his own arrangement of Donna Lee will keep you grooving. I’ve heard many different versions of Donna Lee, and along with Jaco’s version, I really like how this was arranged. Starting out with just percussion and bass, then getting into the rest of the tune a little later on really impressed. One of the tunes that really stood out for me was Passepied 1 en Rondo (from English Suite No. 5 in E Minor). It is a must listen as is all the other tunes on Mosaic. Some really fine musicians from Australia join Mike on this release including Joe Chindamo (piano), Gary Norman (guitar), Tom See Poy (piano), Justin Humphries (drums and percussion), Paul Richards (drums), Kate Tempany (tabla), and quite a few others”.

Ty Campbell – Staff Writer Bass Frontiers Magazine

Mike Mathews’ debut album “Mosaic” features some of Australia’s finest musicians. Highlights are improvised solos and fine ensemble work by Joe Chindamo (piano), Gary Norman (guitar), Tom See Poy (piano) and Mathews himself. The “supporting cast” is equally impressive and contribute to this diverse collection. Written and produced by the artist, “Mosaic” consists of fresh, innovative arrangements fusing jazz, Latin, funk/soul and even some classical elements. This is a highly original work full of rich, textured musical detail and recorded to audiophile standards”.

Valery Amador – Bass Musician Magazine Online


The Mosaic 2 album project is currently a “work in progress” but is well underway. Completed tracks will be made available for download/streaming and a CD option will be available when a minimum of 10 pieces are finished. Meanwhile, you may wish to hear some excerpts from Mosaic 2, with notes on the music by Mike.

Mosaic 2 “works in progress” excerpts:

excerpt from “Our World” pre final mix

“This is my first attempt to combine a more or less full orchestra with a contemporary rhythm section (rhoades/acoustic piano, bass, drums, guitars, percussion). a challenge and something not often done”.