Tea Maker

A practising musician drinks many cups of tea. For example:

  • during a break to figure out new ways in which to use the Melodic Minor scale,
  • attempting to apply the theory of negative harmony to a new composition which is sounding alarmingly like an old one,
  • trying to get through George Russell’s Lydian Chromatic Concept for the forth time.

During a long healthy life of 100 years we can estimate that 3 cups of tea per day between 15 and 100 years old results in a staggering 93,075 cups of tea consumed during one’s lifetime; 3x365x85. If we reasonably expect that each cup of tea requires 2 minutes of jiggling to produce a satisfying brew, it can be deduced that over 4.3 months of a person’s life has been spent jiggling tea bags.

The solution to this appalling waste of human resources is now a reality: the Tea Maker 2000, a machine that stirs and jiggles a tea bag, before removing it and sounding a gentle chime to indicate completion!

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